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Post Construction Window Cleaning St Petersburg

After the construction is complete, most buildings need a professional cleaning to finish the job. As in many cases, a cleaning company that specializes in post construction clean up is hired to take care of this final work. In turn, most construction cleaning services will either try to include window
w cleaning, or when the job is too tough, they will hire a professional window cleaning company to clean up the glass and remove debris as part of their bid.

Separate Window Cleaning And Regular Cleaning

Although it may seem ideal to hire one cleaning business to take care of the whole job, in many cases you will save money and get a better result when these two services are hired apart from each other. Think about it this way, a professional window cleaning company that specializes in cleaning windows after construction has the equipment and experience to provide the end product which is required. As for house cleaning or office cleaning, these companies are prepared and experienced in that type of work.

When y
ou hire these services separately, each company is performing the cleaning task they are trained for. This provides for higher standards and less conflict ensuring the property owner or general contractor is getting exactly what they are paying for. Why pay extra? Did you know that when a contractor or homeowner uses only one company to perform cleaning, that generally a good part of the work gets subcontracted out? This ends up costing more money because the estimate is padded for this exact reason.

Using a licensed and insured window cleaning company can save you ti
me and loads of problems. Window cleaners understand how to remove debris from glass and frames without scratching them. A high quality window washing service comes prepared to remove caulking and paint from glass amongst many other materials that are hard to clean properly.

How To Remove Caulking | Paint | Stucco From Glass

To remove paint and stucco from glass, you should have the right tools, experience and patience to do the job right. As an owner of a high quality window cleaning business in St Petersburg, I have seen many windows scratched and in some cases destroyed by people using the wrong tools. It is important to understand how to keep the windows safe and still remove the debris.

At Bayside Window Cleaning, we have the experience, the best tools and the ability to clean post construction windows on homes and offices. We use solutions that work to get your windows looking the best they possibly can. This is what we do for a living!

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