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​Interested in dock power washing? Do you have a dock that is loaded with bird poop and mildew? We are professional pressure cleaners who have a long history of power washing residential and commercial jobs in St Petersburg, Treasure Island, Tierra Verde and so many other surrounding communities. We price our jobs at a fair price. A estimate is always free and you can request one by filling out our contact form or by simply calling us at 727-459-6864.

Not every pressure washing service in St Petersburg Florida can provide the same quality of end product. At Bayside, we are not bragging, but 15 years of power washing large homes and businesses leads us to believe we know our stuff. We are fortunate, we learned over the years (from other business owners, and personal trials, how to do the best work in any given situation) and that is what we do. We provide a pressure washing service in St Petersburg and the Clearwater area that is experienced and cares more about how the job turns out versus how long it takes.

Call 727-459-6864 to schedule an estimate or appointment with our professionals.

Because we are also a window cleaning business, we try to offer free window washing for the area affected by the pressure cleaning job. This saves money for customers who after the power washing iob, would now need to contact a window cleaning service to finish the job. We do what is needed to make every job come out looking great and complete.

Have you ever had your home power washed only to find that residue is now on the walls and seeping into the corners of your pool deck? If so, we understand, we have seen this type of low grade work and would like to extend you an alternative at a fair price. Bayside makes sure everything is rinsed and then rinsed again. We move patio furniture if needed, pots and planters, whatever it takes to make the job turn out right.

Once again to sum up our professional pressure cleaning service in St Petersburg, we clean driveways, fences, home siding, roofs, docks and just about anything else you can imagine. If you want quality pressure washing, we are a great business to contact for service. Year after year we pressure clean local schools, churches, many, many residential customers and feel confident we will provide the exact pressure cleaning job you are looking for also. Give us a call today and let us know how we can be of service, we look forward to hearing from you.

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